Bring back my curls!

Bring back my curls!

So, you've decided to return natural and you've done the big chop or transitioning.

What next?

Getting started is probably the most difficult part of your natural Hair journey, however, difficult it is not impossible!

**First thing's first: each person’s hair journey is different and don't compare yours with another. **

"Comparison is the thief of joy."

First thing's first:

Chuck out any products in your vanity that might have parabens or sulphate or any bad ingredients.

  1. Get yourself a good sulphate-free shampoo. If you have a tight budget get any conditioner and start doing a co-wash instead.

What is a co-wash?

Cleansing (WASHing) your hair with COnditioner.


Well, conditioners generally do not consist of the chemicals that create the lather/bubble, but it still cleanses without stripping your hair from its natural oil.

  1. Get a good leave-in conditioner for daily/every second day use. You can also make your own by adding rose water to your and conditioner with some castor- or tee tree oil or any other essential oil.
  2. Do not use a towel to dry your hair. Instead use an old t-shirt to dry. It causes less friction between hair strands.
  3. Do a weekly or bi-weekly protein mask.
  4. Spritz! Use a daily spritz because your hair loves water and needs moisture.

What does a spritz consist of?
A daily spritz can consist of anything to wet or dampen your hair but it should primarily and mostly consist of water.  

  1. If you need some help with holding your curl, especially at beginning stages, get a good holding gel.

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