As you go and grow along your natural hair journey, you will learn that there is one thing that you absolutely cannot do without and that is detangling!

I became so comfortable with my new journey with my natural hair. I accepted my hair in its state and the people that mattered most in my life, did too.

I received some from flack and some horrible remarks which I had to shake off, almost immediately because this journey with my natural hair is not about them, it is about me and accepting myself. In the long-run I would like to influence other young girls and women to accept themselves with their natural hair.

Months passed, and I realised my hair was so dry and crispy, even I did not like it. And even though it grew beautifully, it just wasn't healthy. I danced at a production in July 2015 and was almost forced to flat-iron my hair for the required hairstyle. I flat-ironed it on the lowest heat with the most oil I could apply to protect it. And there it ends were so damaged!

There was no product or method to solve this problem. It had to be cut! 

I chopped it all off and started from the bottom again, but I was pleased! My hair was healthier, stronger and I loved the length & shine.

So, what went wrong?

The problem was that I did not de-tangle regularly. De-tangling is important, and one must ensure that hair is wet and a leave-in conditioner to assist with slip for combing.

Tip: alternate between a wide-tooth comb and a narrow-tooth comb and fingers when de-tangling and it must be done at least once a week. The narrow-tooth comb gets those smaller knots in the hair which a wide-tooth comb certainly won’t! 


My hair has grown since and the curls are well-defined.