Natural hair journey

Natural hair journey

I finally did it on the 31st of January 2015! I cut off all my relaxed and chemically-processed hair and rocked a teeny-weeny-afro (TWA).

It's was nagging at me.

Challenging me.

Calling me to be brave and embrace my natural hair in all its glory.

I transitioned in 2011 but after 6 months, my natural texture started showing more and more and I went back to my relaxer. My hair was soft, thick and shiny. Then I fell back into the habit of relaxing!

Fast-forward: I now wear my hair naturally! I did the big chop (BC) on the 31st of January 2015 after not relaxing it for only 2 months. My natural hair was as short as my pinky and it has grown to a length twice the size of my index-finger in just two months.  

I am still to understand why my mother relaxed my hair in the first place (at only 11 years old), and just like most coloured girls in Cape Town, followed that tradition and relaxed my hair every three months (or until the ‘real hair' came out).

In the Cape coloured community, we have many names for our natural hair: "die kinners op die stoep"; "kroesials", my gran's personal favourites are "die stoep-sitters", "koebie", "pitte", "mop-kop", to name just a few.

And there are special terms to say that we're relaxing it: "Pak gee" or "in-toom sit". 

Thankfully, my mother groomed me in such a way that I never really lacked good self-confidence. But the confidence I now have with my natural hair is almost difficult to explain. It's a new-found confidence that I wish every young woman to experience.

So, why KroesRocks? Well, it's not just hair!

We've been taught that beauty is equal to straight hair and soft curls made with an iron. There is more than one factor that has influenced our thought pattern when it comes to this emotional need of us as woman.  The political history of our country, our race as coloureds, the media, to name just a few, has painted a picture that to be beautiful your hair needs to be straight! 

Well, I am here to say that my natural, KROES rocks!

Journey with me as we change the narrative of what is known as kroes!