Let's get Twisted Sista

Let's get Twisted Sista

I am like a kid in a candy-store on wash-day! I have never been as excited about washing my hair as I was a few weeks ago after getting my new (unplanned) tapered cut!

The Twisted Sista clarifying shampoo surprised me the most me as I've been sceptical about clarifying shampoos in the past. I've used a few other clarifying shampoos but it left my hair strum & feeling hard. I always end up giving it away (or washing my Rottweiler and he has type 1 hair) but after using the Twisted Sista clarifying shampoo my hair wasn't feeling hard at all but felt soft and airy whilst still cleansing my scalp.

The Twisted Sista curling gel is by-far my favourite because my curls come alive immediately after application and I've seen a new curl pattern. It is non-greasy, adds moisture and it does not weigh on my head and causes no flakes after drying.

The 30-second curling spray has such a thick consistency and awakens my curls in the morning. I rarely even have to spray again during the day. The only difficulty I've experienced is the the spray-nossle mechanism which becomes a bit of an arm workout. The nossle could be improved for ease of use.

I have finally found a routine that works again and best of all, it is all under one umbrella!

After only 2 weeks, I've already seen growth in all sections of my head!
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