About Simone!


If passion were to be personified, it would probably be me, Simone Thomas!

I am passionate about education, natural textured hair, purpose, and women discovering theirs.

I am armed with a Master of Marketing which I completed in 2020. My belief in natural hair led me to dedicate five years of my life to completing a research dissertation centred around the consumer behaviour of Black women wearing natural, textured hair, specifically around South African women!

I spent close to 10 years working in corporate media, which taught me always to put my customer first and to know that my work stretches far beyond myself.
I am currently completing my Doctor of Commerce in Marketing at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology, and my full-time occupation in Germany consists of lecturing Diversity in Marketing.

I have years of expertise in event management, brand management and marketing. I am also a wife to Wesley Thomas and pet mom to Legend, our 9-year-old Rotti, who I think loves natural hair products more than I do and enjoys long walks.